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Kung Fu

By definition, Kung-Fu is any skill achieved through hard work and practice. Fu-Jow Pai, tiger claw Kung-Fu, is training for the mind, body and spirit building strength and character in all ages.

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Fu Box

Fu-Box is the ultimate cardio and strength training work out designed by World Kickboxing Champion, Sifu Vizzio. Fu-Box not only gives you the exercise you need but teaches the correct techniques so you can use what you learn!

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Personal Training

Work with World Kickboxing Champion, Sifu Vizzio, Peaches Vizzio or one of many other trainers to perfect your fighting style, advance in your Kung-Fu training, lose weight, or just get into the best shape of your life.

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VIMA Instructors

Sifu Vizzio

Sifu Vizzio

Sifu Vizzio currently holds 18 World Championship titles in 5 different weight classes for professional Kickboxing with a record of 47-1 with 33 KO's. He also has a record of 55 wins with 54 KO's and 1 draw while competing in the 400lb and under Death Matches popularized by the movie "Blood Sport". He has been featured in martial arts magazines, national television, and documentaries. He has trained celebrities such as Morgan Fairchild as well as the late Arturo Gatti,Olympic Gold Medalist Herb Perez and Olympian Kevin Padilla.

Trained under Wai Hong (the Grand Master of Fu-Jow Pai Kung-Fu) Sifu Vizzio continues to pass on the tradition of this unique art as well as his priceless experience and knowledge of the martial arts to his students. Prior to becoming a professional kickboxer, Vizzio fought in full contact bouts sponsored by the Easter Kung-Fu Federation. These contests were fought without weight divisions, with little or no protective gear or gloves, and were often fought on wooden floors. They resembled more the "Extreme Fighting" matches of the twenty-first century than they did any other organized fights of their time. The most well-known of the kung-fu matches was the highly publicized "death match" in 1977 with Lee Man Chin, Grandmaster of The Seven Animals System. Upon arriving in the U.S., Chin issued a challenge to all American martial artists. At the request of the Grandmaster of the Fu-Jow Pai system, Ng Wai Hung, Vizzio accepted the challenge. The fight was broadcast on a Chinese radio in New York. Vizzio won by a knockout in 6 seconds.

Sifu Vizzio is also one of the first people to develop and teach Cardio Kickboxing which has grown into an international phenomenon. Although the list goes on and on, the only thing that surpasses his skill and life achievments is his modesty and passion for his art. Sifu Vizzio is known to most as a true champion, a pioneer, and loving father.

Peaches Vizzio

Veronica "Peaches" Vizzio, born August 23, 1979 is the owner and chief instructor of Vizzio's Institute Of Martial (VIMA) in Fairfield, NJ

Vizzio was born in New York City. Her mother, Monica, (née: Rugel), is a Shotokan Karate Black Belt from the Queens borough of New York. Her father, Paul Vizzio, was raised on Manhattan's tough Lower East Side. He holds eighteen world championship kickboxing titles in five weight divisions, and is the world's second highest ranked practitioner of Fu-Jow Pai Kung-fu (the Tiger-Claw System). He teaches advanced classes in kung-fu and kickboxing at VIMA. Veronica's godfather is the world renowned Japan-born Shotokan Karate master, Toyotaro Miyazaki, who has taught in Queens for over thirty years.

Though born in New York, Peaches, as she prefers to be called, was raised mostly in Hudson County, NJ, just across the Hudson River from mid-town Manhattan. She began studying martial arts as soon as she was able to walk, having literally been raised on the mat of her father's school. She is the oldest of four children, all of whom are involved in martial arts. Like their older sister, all the siblings are better known by their nicknames, Vanessa "Twinkie," Valentina "Kitti" and Paul "Twizz."
Peaches studied business administration at Rider University in New Jersey before opening VIMA. Her siblings all studied or are studying business in college. Twinkie, a very accomplished martial artist herself, has won numerous tournaments and awards.

Peaches Vizzio began winning junior martial arts tournaments before she was five years old, and continued to win dozens of championships in Point-Fighting, Full-Contact fighting and Forms competitions throughout her childhood, teen years and well into adulthood. She was Grand Champion of the World Cup Martial Arts Organization in both Forms and Sparring for ten years running, until she retired from competition to teach full-time in 2007.

Other major nationally-ranked tournament wins came at the Twin Towers Classic International Karate Championships held at New York's Madison Square Garden and the same tournament held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, also in New York. She won the Grand Championship title three times at the prestigious Henry Cho tournament (NY) and the All-American Open (NY), as well as several championships at New Jersey's Garden State Games. In a ceremony at the Twin Towers Invitational Tournament in 2013 she was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

Personal Life
Vizzio is married to Phillip "Potter" Herbert, a British-born Physical Education teacher and soccer coach for one of America's most well-regarded soccer academies, the Players Development Academy. She has two grade-school aged children from a previous marriage, a girl, Mikayla (nickname: Holla) and a boy, Michael (Romi), as well as a stepdaughter, Rebecca (The Beast).
As is typical of her family, Vizzio is an extremely high-energy individual. Her hobbies include running, kayaking, skiing, ice-skating, sky diving, camping, dancing and various types of "iron man" events. She is also an animal lover, having an American Bulldog and two large rescue "mutts," all of which have Japanese names.

Peaches Vizzio

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