Kids Kung-Fu

Vizzio's Institute of Martial Arts has specialized in working with children since 1972. Our character building classes are fun, focused and full of positive energy! We pride ourselves in instilling moral values such as respect, honesty, integrity, discipline, focus, dedication, loyalty, courage, vitality and self cultivation. At Vizzio's every rank is earned through hard work and determination. You can work at your own speed and progress naturally. There is no rush or pressure to get to the next level! Children will build strong bonds, socialize, learn to be self sufficient and responsible.

Although sparring is available, it is completely voluntary. We encourage our children to explore and evolve within the Martial Arts. Because we believe that the lessons learned on the mat should translate into their everyday lives, we remind all students daily on the importance of education and respecting their peers. Progress in Kung-fu is contingent upon their school teacher's and parents approval.

Call us today and learn how Kung-fu will not only benefit your child physically but socially and mentally as well.

Option Description Duration Price
#1 Kung Fu Trial Program for children (UNLIMITED classes) 6 weeks $69.00

Kids Kickboxing

Vizzio's Institute of Martial Arts has recognized that the children of this generation are faced with more obstacles than we, as parents, have ever faced. Childhood obesity and bullying are at an all time high. Self esteem and fitness are at an all time low. We, at Vizzio's not only recognize these issues but have a solution! We have incorporated the highest form of calorie burning exercise, kickboxing, with the fun and ease of childhood games. Our kid-friendly music will give them the energy they need to burn those extra calories and get them kid-fit! They will have fun, learn real techniques, be physically active, socialize and gain the self confidence needed to not only withstand bullying but repel it! If your child is struggling in school, feeling isolated or lethargic, give us a call!

Is your child interested in the amazing sport of kickboxing but you cannot find a school that focuses on their age level? Are you looking for a fun way for your child to learn a new sport but not interested in Karate or Tae Kwon Do? Been there, done that? Don't worry! You've found it!

Vizzio's Institute of Martial Arts was founded by the legendary World Kickboxing Champion, Paul Vizzio. Vizzio holds 19 World Kickboxing Titles in 5 different weight classes. His eldest daughter, Peaches has been training under him for 34 years and specializes In teaching children the techniques her father taught her at a young age.

Kids kickboxing is highly engaging, energetic, and will have your child super excited to attend every class. Give us a call today! New classes are starting January 28, 2017!

Option Description Duration Price
#1 Kids Kickboxing (3 Class Trial) 3 classes $24.99
#2 Kids Kickboxing (10 Class Package) 10 classes $99.00

KUNG-FU for adults

Our adult Kung-Fu class caters to adults of any age or size. Respect, discipline and focus are still our main focus. However, keeping our bodies healthy and our minds clear and stress free are key. We all need a time and space of our own to de-stress, work out and be happy. The VIMA environment is unique in its ability to create a support system which will keep you motivated, learning and moving forward. Studies have proven that martial arts reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, obesity and a number of cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetic diseases! Get healthy, Stay healthy!!

Option Description Duration Price
#1 Kung-Fu Trial Program for adults 3 classes $19.99


Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also included.

Option Description Duration Price
#1 Zumba 3 classes $19.99

Fu-Box (cardio-kickboxing)

Burn over 900 calories in 45 minutes!!! Sweat with a smile is the motto in our high impact cardio class. Our kickboxing class is a fun, friendly, non competitive environment where there are always plenty of people to give you a hand. Our classes are not only for a cardio work out!! They are focused on teaching you the correct techniques and footwork that will allow to use what you learn!!

You will get into the best shape of your life with our unique program designed by kickboxing legend himself Sifu Vizzio. Losing weight and getting into shape has never been more fun!

We also have a separate class for those interested in putting what they learn to the test. Our full contact sparring class is not only the best workout in the school, or anywhere else for that matter, but is also a great place to hone your self defense skills in a safe yet realistic environment. This class is only open to existing Fu-Box and Kung Fu students and by invitation only.

Option Description Duration Price
#1 Fu-Box (Cardio-Kickboxing) 3 classes $19.99

Personal Training

Vizzio's personal training is suited to your needs. Whether it is stepping up your game in the ring, losing weight, increasing your fitness level, getting toned or you just prefer not to be a part of a group class, we have a trainer for you.

Sifu Vizzio is unparalleled in his knowledge of kickboxing, boxing and street fighting. His multiple World title belts and over 40 years of fighting experience is sure to add a little extra flare in your stand up game. He has been trainer to the stars and has helped fighters from Mui Thai to boxing. There is no limit to his expertise.

Peaches Vizzio has over 20 years of weight loss, toning, nutrition and body shaping experience. Her unique approach to fitness is not for the faint of heart but will get you in the best shape of your life faster than anything you have ever tried before.

She also has an exceptional reputation for working with children with disabilities. No matter the severity, she has been able to bring forth the best. From minor low tone or muscle tone issues, balance, and the socially delayed to severe cases of Autism and cognitively delayed, Peaches can and will make a difference in your child's life. Her patience and dedication is unmatched.

Private yoga sessions can increase your flexibility and muscle tone and de-stress your mind and body quickly. Our yoga instructor can help you achieve a more satisfied life without the pressures of group classes.

Interested in personal training sessions? Please Contact us to discuss pricing options based on your training requirements.

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