*** PLEASE SEE THE DAILY PROGRAM SCHEDULE LINK to see updated times, outdoor rules and outdoor registration guidelines ***

Vizzio's now offers virtual classes! Please see the schedule below to see our available classes and register.

Please find a safe place to practice, free of any items that might injure you should you slip or step on them. I design the classes for a small space. Please be aware that this is a cardio based class that uses stretching, calisthenics, and kicking and punching. You will also be learning some basic Cantonese (Chinese). If it is a hard floor, please use a yoga mat.

Also, make sure you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Please be aware that we will resume our regular class schedule when the "STAY AT HOME" order is removed.

Get ready to step on the mat! Click one of the links below to join in!

MON - THURFRI (with sifu)
5PM Kids Kung Fu Joinvclass120
6PM Kung Fu Joinvclass120
7PM Kickboxing Joinvclass120
6:30PM Kung Fu Joinvclass120
7:30PM Kickboxing Joinvclass120

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